As a Medicare and Medicaid certified provider, services are covered at 100% to the patients and their families.  Most insurances have coverage for hospice benefits built in as well.  In a circumstance where those are not an option, Eleos Hospice Care is dedicated to working with patients and families to find them the best avenue to receive care.

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-Paying For Hospice-

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-Medicare coverage-
The hospice benefit under Medicare guidelines is substantial and comprehensive.

Level of care with a variety of clinicians assisting in providing a multidisciplinary approach to serving patients and their families.  A plan of care is created with the patient and their families to decide what the hospice care will entail.  Under routine hospice care, the list of services available include:

  •  Physician care

  • Nursing services

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • Health aides and homemaking services in the home

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Social services

  • Grief counseling for patients and families

  • Volunteer services

  • Music and Massage Therapy 

Hospice also provides additional relief to families by supplying the following:

  • Medication for pain relief and control of symptoms

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Medical Supplies

  • Incontinent Supplies